Luisa’s Compositions: catalogue

Katalog skladb, ki jih je Luisa Antoni napisala. Nekatere so objavljene, druge pa še ne. Nekatere so že doživele praizvedbo.

Ensembles and solos

for clarinet and violoncello

for violoncello and piano

for flute, violin and clarinet

for voice, cello and piano

  • Piccola suite carnascialesca (2017)

for alto recorder and harpsichord

  • Nini sine, spavaj sine (2016)

for flute and violin

for flute and harp, based on a poem by Szymborska

  • Ein Kind (2016)

for voice and harpsichord (one performer)

for bass-clarinet, violoncello, and percussion (one player: vibraphone, wind chimes, and tamtam)

  • Vi-Ha-Es, Fantasia su Victimae Paschali Laudes (2016)

for organ

for soprano, clarinet, trombone, viola, violoncello, text by Paul Eluard

  • Ricercare contemporaneo (2015)

for double harpsichord and lute stop

  • L’Alfa e l’Omega (2015)

for 4 sopranos, 2 trumpets and 2 trombones, text from The Book of Revelation

  • Come el vin (2015)

for soprano, baritone and piano, text by Virgilio Giotti

for harp

  • Igra kvart (Gioco di quarte) (2014)

for piccolo, flute, alto flute, oboe, english horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, and horn

  • Albero rosso (2014)

for flute

for bass guitar

for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, and piano

for violin, violoncello, and vibraphone

  • Pevcu

for 2 sopranos, alto, 2 clarinets, and bass clarinet, text  by F. Prešeren

  • Hudič

for voice and piano, text by Srečko Kosovel

  • Je t’adore

for tenor and piano, text from Baudelaire’s “Les fleurs du mal”

  • Contrappunti e intermezzi (2000)

for 2 flutes and female voice, text by Hermes Trismegistus

  • Spoved, (1999)

for voice and organ, text from the Freising manuscripts

Mixed ensembles of instruments from different cultures

  • Quarta e quinta (2014)

for clarinet, erhu in pipa

for viola, kemençe, harp, and ud, text from Seikilos Epitaph

  • Senza nome (2011)

for flute, clarinet, bansuri, pan flute, and sho


  • Štefan (1999/2016)

for female choir, text by S. Kosovel

for mixed choir, text by G. Menon

for mixed choir

  • Na planincah (2002)

for mixed choir


  • Trad./Antoni, Pera stous (2018)

for piano

for oboe, clarinet, and strings

  • Bartok/Antoni, Peasant song (2016)

for 4 violas and double bass

  • Bartok/Antoni, Hungarian folksong (2016)

for 4 violas and double bass

  • Bloch/Antoni, Preghiera (2016)

for 8 violoncelli

  • Debussy/Antoni, Minstrels

for basset horn, violoncello, and piano

  • Debussy/Antoni, Clair du lune

for voice, basset horn, violoncello, and piano (4 hands)

Incidental music

  • Ist san na žena (2017), Beneško Theater, stage direction Elisabetta Gustini

for recorder, harpsichord, and voice